Bright Future Project

In the period between September 2018 and December 2018, the EURObizz Friendz Foundation will organize the Bright Future Project. In this project, that will be organized in The Hague, The Netherlands, 10 (former) refugees with a permit to stay (Dutch: ‘Statushouders’) will be offered the change to set up their own company. This way they can make a fresh start in The Netherlands and build up a new life.


What we offer is:

– 4 monthly sessions of 3 hours where we will train former refugees to start their own company
– questions answered by coaches in between sessions through email and skype
– a domain and 12 months hosting for their website
– access to an internal network of companies and organizations

What we require from participants:
– basic level of English and/or Dutch
– highly motivated and committed
– a permit to stay
– being open for guidance and feedback, aimed at improving their concept
– present at all monthly sessions
– background as former refugee

No participation costs, social contribution yes
Participation is for free and without any additional costs. The only contibution that we require from participants, is that the pick up the ‘relay stick’ as a matter of speaking and pass on the effort to again help another person.
In practise this means that a partipant, will need to spent 5 hours of community work in return to our guidance and training. We have contact with several NGO’s to connect participants with, but a participant can also suggest its own charity.

Selection procedure
From all applications, we will make a selection of 10 participants to join in the first version of this project. We will select participants on motivation, the feasibility, creativity and innovation of their concept. This is too be judged by EURObizz Friendz. The outcome of the selection will be communicated to all applicants, but is not open to discussion.

Application to participate
The deadline to apply is 31 July 2018 at 12:00. If there are loads of applications, EURObizz Friendz can decide to close the application period earlier. Applying to participate can be done by using our contact form, including a 1 page document, stating your motivation and a brief decription of your concept. All personal data and concept information will be treated confidential and in line with privacy regulations.

Lets work on a bright future!