EURObizz Friendz Business Bootcamp 2019 | Accra, Ghana

Create impact by entrepreneurship
From April 29 to May 8, 2019 EURObizz Friendz will organise a Business Bootcamp in Accra, Ghana. Since we believe in sustainable results, we will execute this project in close cooperation with the local NGO Maxim Nyansa.
We expect to have up to 20 local participants in the EURObizz Business Bootcamp. On behalf of them please consider making an impact donation or become an impact sponsor. Please continue to read what you contribute to!

What are we going to do?
On behalf of the EURObizz Friendz Foundation, the chairman Werner van Ekkendonk, will clear his agenda for 2 weeks and travel down to Ghana. In cooperation with the board of Maxim Nyansa, he will perfom the EURObizz Friendz Business Bootcamp 2019 that enables young IT graduates, from less fortunate backgrounds, to set up their own business. We strongly believe in the principle of creating an impact by ‘giving people a fishing rod and teach them how to catch fish’.

In 10 days, the EURObizz Friendz Business Bootcamp 2019 will train the participants in topics like:
* creating their business model
* the financial part of a company
* creative marketing
* innovative digital skills
* entrepreneurial mindset
* bootstrapping in business
* purchase and sales
* pitching
* (online) networking

Besides the topics handled in classroom training, we will offer them individual mentor sessions to zoom in on the individual circumstances of each participant. This will result in setting up the fundament for their business. After the Business Bootcamp, the mentorship will be handed over to Maxim Nyansa, to make sure the results are made sustainable. Will you help us to create this sustainable impact?

video impression Maxim Nyansa
To give you an impression about the work of Maxim Nyansa, please watch the video below:

Donate for impact
We invite you to support our campaign on GoFundMe and make a donation of any size. Your donation will contribute directly to making an impact through entrepreneurship. The EURObizz Friendz Foundation is a Dutch registered charity (ANBI). Therefore, Dutch donors can deduct their contribution at their tax declaration. In advance, we kindly thank you for your donation and help to create an impact in Ghana.