Are you a woman with a migration background living in or around The Hague, The Netherlands? Are you aged between 18 and 35 years old? And do you have any ideas that you would like to be turned into real businesses? Well then, EURObiz Friendz Foundation has a solution for you.


EURObiz Friendz Foundation will organize a migrant women business training project, kicking off on the 10th of July 2020, online at Zoom. The training will be given freely and will be conducted both in English and Dutch languages. This way we try to take away any barriers for women to join. It will be facilitated by Werner van Ekkendonk, the CEO of EURObizz Academy (See LinkedIn profile) and Rosemary Amutuhaire, Secretary of the EURObizz Friendz Foundation (See LinkedIn Profile).


This project will continue for 12 months till June 2021 and include a combination of practical group sessions and individual coaching and mentoring each month (except August 2020 due to holidays).


We will cover several topics like creating a the right mindset, creating a business model, digital skills, marketing, sales, administration, strategy, concept creation and more.

We will provide training materials for each participant. They will also get individual coaching and mentoring on a monthly basis, starting from September 2020. Participants will get a professional domain and hosting for 12 months.

Mentors involved

More info will follow


If you are interested to join as participant or mentor, please contact us via contact@eurobizzfriendz.org. Please include you contact details and motivation to participate. Due to the limited space available (30 participants), prospective participants are required to register as soon as possible and an email will be sent confirming the receipt of your registration. Only after our confirmation, your participation is final!
If more applications are made than seats available, a selection will be made.

Conditions to participate

Participation is free of charge, but a solid motivation is required. You are open to mentorship and feedback. Also you commit to share your build up knowledge and experience with the next group for at least 3 months. That group will start in July 2021. This way women will support each other as peers and we are able to create a sustainable impact.

Support this project

For more information please check our website and in case you want to support our work, please make a donation of any amount via our website https://eurobizzfriendz.org/donation/; Your donation is highly appreciated. Remember, your donation changes lives!!

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