Your donation and our ANBI (PBO) status

Your donation to the EURObizz Friendz Foundation, is tax deductable as Dutch citizen, due to our ANBI status.

EURObizz Friendz has a Public Benefit Organisation (in Dutch: ANBI) status. What does that means for your donation as a Dutch giver? This status means that financial support, donated by Dutch givers, can be deducted from their tax declaration.

Gifts and Dutch tax regulations

To find us in the Dutch ANBI register click here. So if you are a Dutch citizen, the Dutch tax organization makes it interesting for you to support public benefit organizations, like the EURObizz Friendz Foundation. For other countries, please contact your local tax authority or accountant.

How can you make a gift?

You can make your gift in two ways:

  • as a periodic gift: you would then have it recorded that you make an annual donation to the institution; there is no threshold and no maximum amount for periodic gifts.
  • as a regular gift: you make the donation once or have not recorded that you are going to give several donations to the EURObizz Friendz Foundation; you may not deduct more than the maximum from regular donations: 10% of your threshold income.

If you feel like creating impact and making a difference through entrepreneurship, please consider making a gift.