EURObizz Friendz Business Bootcamp 2021, Kampala- Uganda

Theme: Addressing the Un employment problem amongst young women in Uganda.

A recent report release by Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE), an independent public policy research and advocacy organization, states that Youth Unemployment  in Uganda stands at between 64% and 70%; more than 400,000 youths are released annually into the job market to compete for approximately 9,000 available jobs.

About 30% of the qualified youth in Uganda are unable to find jobs, a situation which is even worse for semi-skilled and unskilled youth. Youth who remains unemployed or underemployed and do not exploit their full potential, have decided to flee the country, hoping to get a better financial beginning in other countries.


As a result, many youth, especially young women, have been exposed to numerous extreme challenges in countries they migrate to in search for jobs. Challenges encountered, include human trafficking, torture, and murder among others in countries especially in the Gulf region/ Middle East countries.


With proven records increating an impact in the lives of the youth globally through entrepreneurship,
by supporting and/or executing student entrepreneurship and organizing business bootcamps for underprivileged young people across the globe, the EURObizz Friendz Foundation has organized a FREE* Business Bootcamp to address the Youth Unemployment problem amongst young women in Uganda in partnership with She Can Uganda Foundation. The training was originally scheduled for beginning of June 2020, but due to Covid-19 we needed to postpone this project.

It will be facilitated by Werner Van Ekkendonk, Chairman and Rosemary Amutuhaire, Secretary of the EURObizz Friendz Foundation, both as guest speakers together with several other volunteers. There will be an extended program starting in mid June 2021 for personal inquiries, business propositions, and general business guides on individual levels together with the organizers.

*Participants will be requested to dedicate volunteering time in return for the organization’s future projects in Uganda.


  • Equip young generation of women, ready to embrace entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • Permanent solution to youth Un employment in Uganda.
  • Empowered young women ready to substitute search for employment in Middle East countries to starting their own businesses, thus stimulating personal and national economic development.

Our guideline

  • Creation of business and Canvas models
  • How to generate and manage finances
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Digital skills
  • Bootstrapping in business
  • Purchase and sales
  • Pitching
  • Online networking

Getting Involved

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