Our mission and vision

The mission of the EURObizz Friendz Foundation is:

  • to stimulate and support Corporate Social Responsibility related projects;
  • to stimulate and support social entrepreneurship;
  • to facilitate payments for the purpose of the program ‘Entrepreneurship At School‘ of EURObizz Academy, just as other participating schools/educational institutes;
  • to provide small micro-credits to (starting) entrepreneurs in
    developing countries.

The vision of the EURObizz Friendz Foundation is:
We are inspired by God’s call to bring hope and light to the world. Since entrepreneurship is inĀ our dna, we use entrepreneurship to make a difference in this world. We support people from all walks of life and we work without regards to religion, race, male or female, sexual preferences or any other factor.

Micro credit
Micro credits are provided via the platform of www.kiva.org. Loans that are paid back, are left in the system, so they can be reused for a new micro credit.

Ownership in projects
On request, we donate time and/or budget or other means to projects, related to corporate social responsibility projects. Initially, we ask inviting organizations to facilitate travel costs and accommodation. If this is no option at all, we expect a contribution to a project in another way. This we do because we believe that this contributes to the ownership of the local people and/or inviting organization.

EURObizz Friendz target groupThe focus group the EURObizz Friendz Foundation is:
Our target group is mainly, but not exclusively, youth and young adults in the age of 15-35 years, globally. These are people in rural or challenging areas or in challenging social economic status.

All people active within EURObizz Friendz do their work on voluntary basis. The only compensation they might recieve are costs compensation of real made (reasonable) costs.