Social Projects

A few of our goals are to stimulate and support Corporate Social Responsibility related projects and to stimulate and support social entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is in our DNA and we know from experience what a positive change entrepreneurship can bring in the lives of individuals, teams and even communities. For this reason, we like to support social projects focused on entrepreneurship, especially, but not exclusively, for youth.

What we expect from applicants

We believe in having ownership of a project as an applicant. It’s not that we come to do our trick and leave again.
Rather we give a strong impulse and learn people how to continue building up their business. Just like the old saying says: if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; if you teach a man to fish, he can feed himself for life. Sor for us it’s the sustainable result that counts.

To be short:

1. We expect that each applicant contributes to a project in some way. Whether it’s in a financial
way, paying tickets and accommodation for trainers or in transport or in another way
2. Applications need to have entrepreneurship as a key ingredient
3. Projects need to have a safe environment for our trainers, or other involved staff, to do their work
4. There must be a clear need for getting support; without our support, the project is not able to start and/or finish
5. Projects must be within our mission and vision and ethically acceptable.
6. Since we are an international oriented NGO, applications need to be written in English
7. Projects need to focus on a sustainable, long-term impact

The board of EURObizz Friendz will decide for each project to be approved or rejected.
Decisions will be explained but not discussed.

To apply for project support, click here.